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NYC facelift Surgery (SMAS Technique)



A facelift or “rhytidectomy” is intended to reverse the signs of aging through the removal of excess skin and fat. Over time, the fat deposits under the skin tend to shift while the skin of the neck and jowls begins to sag. Dr. Jhonny Salomon is a master in craniofacial procedures and is very meticulous to make sure the results are natural and similar to a look his patient had many years before. As with all procedures, the facelift is a highly customized surgery as no two patients are alike. Dr. Salomon can tighten the skin and muscles to virtually shed 5-10 years off your appearance through the facelift procedure by utilizing a new technique called the SMAS (Sub muscular Aponeurotic System) which lifts the jowls, neck, and elevates the cheeks.  This facelift is a vast improvement over former facelift techniques. 


More About SMAS Facelift (Sub-muscular Aponeurotic System) 
SMAS, or Sub-muscular Aponeurotic System, Facelifts provide an alternative to the traditional surgery by going deeper to provide effective results when addressing sagging jowls, loose skin around the neck, and tightening the cheeks. With aging, people often face two problems, sagging skin and a hollow appearance to the cheeks. Combined, both make a person look older. SMAS allows patients an effective way to combat the passage of time to ultimately feel and look better.
An facelift goes beyond a simple tightening of the skin. It actually makes an adjustment to the muscles beneath the skin resulting in the underlying facial structure being modified. Effects are a long-lasting and more natural appearance. Sutures pull on the deep tissue, resulting in stronger posterior and vertical traction. In order to prevent damage to the facial nerves, it is essential that an expert in the SMAS technique perform the procedure. 
This technique is advantageous in that it involves less invasive techniques, resulting in faster recovery times. Often times, doctors may use the injection of fat from the various areas of the body in combination with the SMAS for the most promising result. This is beneficial because the filler is a natural substance from one's own body, it provides fullness where it is necessary, and tends to last longer than artificial fillers. Cheek and chin implants may also be recommended for optimal results. This unique surgery approach is highly effective to address nasolabial folds, the lines that run around the nose and mouth. It works well when applied to drooping cheeks, sagging jowls, or a double chin. People who are concerned about loose skin around the neck may benefit from an SMAS facelift as well. 
Facelift surgery recommended for patients who are in their fifties or beyond. Individuals who are in good health are prime candidates for this rejuvenating technique to give them a younger appearance. Results will vary for every patient and it is important to have a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon to discuss ones overall expectations. The doctor will be able to take into consideration the expectations of the patient and advise the best possible approach to maximize the results. If there are any other complications, such as diabetes or a heart condition, other alternatives may be necessary. A skilled cosmetic surgeon will be able to determine the best path to a younger appearance. This technique is the preferred method of choice for many doctors and patients today. 


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