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Nose Job Surgery (Rhinoplasty)


Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery is performed to enhance ones aesthetic appearance by altering the shape of your nose.  Humps can be straightened, bulbous noses can be refined , crooked noses corrected and nostrils can be made smaller through a procedure known as "alarplasty".  This is a highly individualized treatment, and a consultation in our Miami office is absolutely required to thoroughly assess your options.

Regarded as the foremost pioneer of rhinoplasty,  Dr. Salomon has taught different ground breaking techniques in the area and has gained acclaim around the world as well in Miami.  During your operation, the surgeon will keep in mind that over reduction of nasal tissue can result in breathing problems. This is a common mistake made by plastic surgeons that are over zealous to make a patients nose smaller.  Breathing through your nose is very important, and the Doctor Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is designed to improve the appearance and proportion of your nose, while enhancing facial harmony and confidence. Surgery of the nose is not only meant to correct aesthetics, but in many cases can correct impaired breathing caused by abnormalities in the nasal structure. By reducing excess cartilage and bone in the nose, Dr. Salomon removes irregularities and bumps giving the nose a straightened and usually smaller appearance. Often times, tissue may be added to enhance certain features of the nose and to achieve facial symmetry. Dr. Salomon believes that even small changes in nasal appearance can greatly enhance the face. The results of Rhinoplasty surgery should create a balance between the nose and other facial features such as eyes, cheekbones and smile.

This is a highly individualized treatment, and a consultation in our New York office is absolutely required to thoroughly assess your options. 
Regarded as a foremost pioneer of rhinoplasty,  Dr. Salomon has taught different ground breaking techniques in his field gaining worldwide acclaim. will ensure that your nose is refined and beautiful without taking away your normal functionality.


Open Vs Closed Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is the term for the plastic surgery procedure for reshaping or reforming the nose, including restoration of its function as well. Though plastic surgeons are renown for performing this surgery, other surgical sub-specialists such as otolaryngologists or oral maxillofacial surgeons can perform this surgery as well. Rhinoplasty is simply not just remolding the superficial contour of the nose; other tissues and parts like mucus membranes, the nasal septum, nasal bones, and turbinates may also need to be addressed for the surgery to be successful. 

There are two approaches on how to perform a rhinoplasty; either an open or closed approach is used for the surgery. An open rhinoplasty requires making an external and visible incision on the columella, which is the fleshy outside part of the nose that divides the nostrils. A closed approach means that no external incisions are made; in order words, all the work, including cutting and sutures, is done inside the nose and hidden from view. Each surgical approach has their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages to a closed rhinoplasty include:
-Better outside cosmetic appearance shortly after surgery, due to no visible incisions required on the columella, and no visible scarring after surgery.
-Less likelihood for overcorrection or excessive reduction of the nasal tip.
-Less swelling after surgery
-Reduced chance of accidental damage to the nose during surgery
-Shorter surgical operating time
-Faster patient recovery after surgery

The advantages to an open rhinoplasty include:
-Better access for the surgeon to the entire nose, allowing for more complicated and extensive procedures for better results
-Wider variety of techniques and procedures available to the surgeon
-Access to larger and more powerful surgical instruments if needed for complicated or highly demanding rhinoplasties
-Better results for complex rhinoplasties

The main disadvantage for a closed rhinoplasty is that only a limited amount of correction or surgery can be done with a closed rhinoplasty; open rhinoplasties can let the surgeon perform more extensive surgery. However, both approaches have good success rates and typically have very satisfactory aesthetic results. In the end, the success of a rhinoplasty depends less on what approach the surgeon uses, and more on the planning, training, and experience of the surgeon.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is like any other rhinoplasty, except the goal is to preserve one's individuality and ethnic identity. Rather than going into a plastic surgeon's office and brining in a photo of a certain celebrity and asking to look like them, this type is about looking like one's family members and keeping the appearance of their heritage. 
Plastic surgeons who offer ethnic rhinoplasty are culturally sensitive. They will discuss the goals and unique aesthetic features desired by the patient with the patient. Understanding this helps them determine which techniques they will use on the patient. Understanding ethnic concerns and different facial features and skin types allows them to determine how to improve the patient's aesthetic appearance without compromising their ethnicity. 
Before doing the procedure, a surgeon will take into account the width, shape, size, skeletal makeup, and amount of skin and cartilage that is on the nose of the patient. This gives them an idea of what size and shape to stick with, so the patient can preserve their traditional look yet have it more refined. These factors vary per ethnicity, which will also be considered by the surgeon and will be discussed in the pre-procedure consultation. 
During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the necessary amount of cartilage from the nose. Rather than just reduce the amount, the surgeon will also augment the nose in order to preserve the patient's familial appearance. This is the major difference between ethnic rhinoplasty and traditional rhinoplasty, where only a reduction in typically done in a traditional rhinoplasty. 


Rhinoplasty Animation - How The Surgery Is Performed:



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