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Golden Ratio Of Beauty
Golden Ratio   As the old adage says, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. However, many scientists and mathematicians claim that the way we perceive beauty is a direct result of our brains being hard-wired to seek the Golden Ratio when judging the attractiveness human ... read more
Facelift recovery time: FAQs
How will I feel once I recover from anesthesia? The side effects of anesthesia vary as everyone reacts to anesthesia differently. Upon waking from anesthesia, patients may feel some tenderness in the face and around the area of the sutures. This discomfort will be alleviated by the pain me ... read more
Facial Liposuction
  Not everyone is a candidate for neck lift surgery. Some individuals have suffered with excessive neck and chin fat all their lives as a result of genetics or even rapid weight loss in other parts of their bodies. Facial liposuction is the answer for those individuals looking to remove ... read more
Alternatives To Liposuction
  Alternatives To Liposuction Not everyone is a candidate for surgery and often times, many candidates are just not ready to go down the invasive route due to fears of the various risks involved. For this reason, the need for alternatives have been developed so patients can always fi ... read more
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