New York City Plastic Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
Dr. S understands the needs of his patients. With the public interest in cosmetic surgery continually increasing, the demand for quality results is high. Dr. S meets and exceeds these expectations by offering the most advanced, specialized techniques in the surgical industry. His focus on facial plastic surgery shows a commitment and dedication to delivering dramatically superior, flawless results.

Facelift surgery is one of the most commonly sought after procedures, but not all methods are alike. Dr. S utilizes only the most cutting edge tools and techniques to deliver perfection. One of the latest methods he has employed is the Sub-muscular Aponeurotic System. An SMAS facelift is superior to other alternatives because it doesn’t just smooth the facial skin. The procedure involves the tightening of the muscles underneath the skin as well.

As time progresses, the fatty deposits beneath the face and neck skin shift, which results in sagging, folding and drooping. Flabby jowls, hollow cheeks, folds around the mouth and nose, a double chin and loose neck skin can make a person look significantly older. The SMAS method modifies the structure of the face and lifts the cheeks, jowls and neck, which combats the signs of aging and creates a more youthful aesthetic.

Every patient has different needs, and Dr. S customizes each cosmetic procedure to fit the individual. Because he views each patient as a blank canvas and concentrates on the unique details, he is able to provide personalized care. He considers the patient’s expectations as well as the probable outcome. Regardless of how simple or complicated the individual’s requirements are, Dr. S’s aim is to achieve optimal results in the most efficient and safest way.

Because of his high standards and vast expertise in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. S offers his patients something different: long-lasting results. Image is important to so many, and the doctor respects every patient’s desire to achieve a natural and revitalized appearance. His distinctive methods rejuvenate and restore the texture of the skin so that the individual can walk away feeling and looking healthy and beautiful.

By Dr. S

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